FOSwiki Related Notes

Fresh Installation of FOSwiki

  • With 'configure', once it's up go to 'find more extensions' and download/install the mod_perl thing.
  • FOSwiki doesn't seem to like suexec very much, vs TWiki. I had to take out suexec and just run everything as the Apache user.

Tests to Perform when Upgrading

  • If the site is erroring, probably you wiped out the foswiki part and didn't reinstall the mod_perl extension so that it can talk to mod_perl.
  • Hit - ensure that it correctly directs to the appropriate web (Gunwiki, not Main)!
    • If it points to Main, then
  • Edit the SitePreferences topic to ensure that FAVICON resolves to /favicon.ico
  • Ensure that administrative powers are set via the TWikiAdminGroup topic.
  • Look on the left, make sure there's a valid left nav bar with a functional registration link. Incidentally, FOSWiki seems to like having a "WebLeftBarExample" topic to use as a fallback if there's no custom WebLeftBar.
  • Look at the window title - is it something obnoxious like RefReloading < Gunwiki < Foswiki? If so, you want to edit templates/foswiki.tmpl to change it to something less lame, such as %WEB %: %TOPICTITLE %. Once FOSwiki supports a reasonable means of doing named topics, I'll stop hacking up its template display.
  • Are the breadcrumbs obnoxiously advertising foswiki? Edit templates/view.pattern.tmpl to remove the 'breadcrumb:wikitoolname' bit, and chop the 'seperator' entry off of 'currentweb'.

Login/Registration troubleshooting

Ensure that lib/LocalSite.cfg's $Foswiki::cfg{Htpasswd}{FileName} entry is set appropriately, to point at the .htpasswd file.

Things to insert into lib/LocalSite.cfg

$Foswiki::cfg{ScriptUrlPaths}{view} = '';

Things to insert into Main/SitePreferences.txt

Upgrading from TWiki

Finding Things to Adjust

  • Edit WebLeftBar.txt - the registration links have changed, and such. It's probably best to just use the new foswiki nav bar anyway.
  • Search for anything in your web that uses a %TWIKI % variable, particularly custom left side nav bars, etc.
  • Grep for any mention of TWiki.TWikiRegistration and replace it with System.UserRegistration
  • Do a find . | grep -i twiki
    • I found that my twiki dev migration script was locking me out of administration when I used it to move into twiki. It turns out that the TWikiAdminGroup.txt file should have been called AdminGroup.txt from now on.

Migrating my Comment System

I added "
Leave a comment" to templates/body.nat.tmpl - this took care of adding a comment link without boosting the file size being transferred.

Next, I created LeaveComment. I'm not going to paste it here because you can pull it from the URL and hit 'raw' to view it.

Then, I wrote postcomment.cgi, which I will attach here eventually.

Lastly, I wrote a "landing page" for the comment plugin.


  • It is unfortunately necessary to do an all new LocalSite.cfg file.
  • Missing plugins that I actually use:
    • BBcode
    • CaptchaPlugin (ESSENTIAL unless there's something else that does this)
  • Missing plugins I'm not sure if I use:

-- SeanNewton - 30 Aug 2009

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