Running Linux on Dell Poweredges

Bog-poor I/O performance issues

Look at this to see about turning on write caching: - mpt-status is supposedly a good interrogative. But, requires lsi/mpi.h (apparently from a devel kit associated with LSIlogic boards)

There's a 'dellmgr' package, which seems quite useful.

Useful search term: unmirror. Or, convert to raid-0 (this presumes it's possible to get it to recognize that it's raid-1)

Getting to use that IPMI system you paid for

Install Dell Openmanage stuff. * Yum repo is here:

Data Recovery from a Dell Mirrored Disk

Testdisk is awesome.

My controller is actually a Dell-rebadged: * 02:08.0 SCSI storage controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS1068 PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS (rev 01)

Once the data has finished copying, try ext3grep on it to see if anything can be recovered in that manner.

Apparently, the PERC controllers embed parity information into the disks, which is why nothing can recognize them. It would be useful if there were a program out there to strip out the parity data to provide nothing but the raw, underlying disk.

-- SeanNewton - 07 Apr 2011

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