Gunwiki caliber conversion app

Setting up the app

  • 'rails --database=postgresql conversion'
  • cd conversion
  • script/server -p 8080 # This forces it to start on 8080, not the default of 3000
  • Had to grant 'createdb' privilege in Postgres, via 'alter user gunwiki grant createdb', so that the user was capable of creating databases. Rake defaults to connecting as the user you happen to be.
  • Ran 'rake db:create', and it created the _test, _production, and _development databases.
  • Ran "pg_dump gunwiki | psql conversion_development", which took the schema I'd developed over in the gunwiki database and imported it into the conversion_development database.
  • Hereafter, running 'rake' on its own will apparently re-create the development database or something.
  • Running "tail -f log/development.log" is essential. You can see failed SQL queries, among other things, here.

Fourth-level Tables

  • Part ("shellplate B")
    • id, manufacturer, machinepart, descr

Third-level tables

Second-Level Tables

  • Machine ("Dillon 650")
    • id, descr, manufacturer

First-Level Tables

  • PartType ("rotary shellplate")
    • id, descr
  • Caliber ("7.62x51")
    • id, descr, diameter
  • Manufacturer ("Dillon Precision")
    • id, descr, url, notes

-- SeanNewton - 13 Jun 2008

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