NTOP reference

Getting it to run

  • Ntop is run as a service via /etc/init.d/ntop, but it won't start up without being configured. If you invoke ntop directly, it'll do an initial setup guess and prompt you for an administrative user password.
  • Removing the line '--disable-schedyield' from /etc/ntop.conf was also necessary.

Errors and Resolutions

Dot Tool Not Found (encountered when hitting Traffic Map)

  • This is bundled with Graphviz. Go to Edit Preferences, then enter the key 'dot.key' and give it the path to the actual dot executable. Redhat uses /usr/bin/dot instead of the default /usr/local/bin/dot which Ntop expects to find.

Error 404 on Local Network Traffic Map

  • The directory /var/lib/ntop is created, with many files owned root:root. Doing chown -R ntop:ntop /var/lib/ntop will fix this.

-- SeanNewton - 22 Mar 2011

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